Hello there, beautiful people.

My name is Keanna Jamei. I like to write.

I feel like if you leave me alone for too long and I have something on my mind, you can find a page full of doodles or a page full of words. Basically picking my poison. My favorite form of expression is through “the arts” or being a complete weirdo. And though I’ve come to accept that I am 1000% weirder than I appear, my words might be more widely received. So here I lay, on my college dorm bed, writing my first of many blogs.

I don’t know what else to say. I guess a thank you is in order. Thanks for stopping by, whether you are a regular or just stopping by. Thank you. This blog is my brainchild. Something that I’ve wanted to start for a long time and couldn’t muster up the courage to start or actually put out there. I don’t know what changed, or if this is something temporary, but, in a weird way,  this is something that I want.

I’ve never really been good at this part. Don’t worry, I’ll get better (I hope.)

If you’re in this for the long run, thank you for your support. I appreciate every ounce of it.