Well…. Here You Are.

Everything you’ve ever done has somehow brought you here. To my blog. And for that, I don’t know if I should congratulate you or to question what you’ve done to bring you here. Nonetheless, welcome.

I suppose you came to this page to learn about me, because you might be a complete stranger. Maybe you know of me but not enough about me to really count. Or if you really know me, you might just be here to go over the things you know. Regardless of where you fit into any of that, here it goes.

My Name is Keanna Jamei. I’m from the big city. I laugh loud, I love hard and taking no for an answer has never really been my thing. I’m obsessed with my phone and music and twinkly lights that set a good mood. I want to travel everywhere the sun rises and I want to explore until the end of time. And while I love my life, I want to do more with it.

That’s where you guys come in.

See, ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to make a change in the world. I plan to do that in every aspect in my life but as a 20 year old, I can only reach so many and affect so much. So for now, I change the world with my written words. To inspire, to share, to prevent mistakes. For laughs, for advice, for an escape. My hope for you: To take something away after you log off of keannajamei.wordpress.com.

I will warn you now that this is kind of a tell-all verison of what’s happening in my brain and in my life. I’m so much more than a bubbly personality. I’ve experienced so much and still experiencing so much and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

So, yeah. There you have it. About me. I hope you found what you were looking for.



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