Hey. Hi. Hello.

This past year has been hands down one of the most interesting years I’ve had to date. Learning more about myself and the world around me was definitely part of the year’s agenda but I never expected to be the person I see in the mirror on this day. I thought I would recap all the things that have happened as I finally wrap up another successful year in the books.

In January, I finished my Disney College Program and took leave from Orlando, Florida which had been my home for six amazing months. I left behind Mickey and the gang but also some of the most interesting and genuine people I’ve met in my entire life. To this day, I am so grateful to have had that experience and credit a lot of the growing up that I’ve done to these spectacular group of people that I refer to as my Ohana. I spent a week with my boyfriend who also resides in Florida, flew to my hometown in New York and then returned to Valley Forge Military in Pennsylvania. I had some unfinished business that I needed to take care of, in the form of a degree. I also hit the milestone of two amazing years with my boyfriend, who I wouldn’t trade for the world, as he has helped me through so many difficult times and was a constant rock for me in my adulting journey.fullsizerenderimg_0127


Life Lesson – Always finish what you start.

From February to May, I got back into my school grind. I was working towards obtaining an associates degree. During these months, in March and the end of May, I had the amazing opportunities to travel back to Florida. Also during these months, I went through some rough patches, which ultimately led to the creation of this blog. I also cut off my hair in March which was a really big deal seeing as how I’ve never willingly cut my hair before.

Life Lesson – It’s okay not to be okay.

In July, I traveled for the first time ever to the western part of the country to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. If you know me, I’m the biggest history geek ever, after English, so staying in Caesar’s Palace made my entire life. There was so much to see and do and I am eternally grateful that I got to experience it with my little brother. In August, I got to see my your brother off to college for his freshman year. My family and I threw him a graduation party where I learned that blood has nothing to do with the true meaning of family. It takes a mutual love and understanding that creates a bond. When we finally took him to school, it was definitely weird. Even though I had been away at school, him leaving hit that big sister nerve so obviously I cried.



Life Lesson – Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb

In September, I turned twenty years old on September 22nd. It was the weirdest birthday I’ve ever had, as it involved strangers and softball for the beginning portion and a winning volleyball game by my team to end the night. For my final four months of school, I got really involved with school activities as I participated in student government, the volleyball team and training to maintain my GPA while applying to college. In December, I graduated from Valley Forge with an Associates of Arts – Humanities and found that I was accepted to University in Florida to finish with my bachelors.



Life Lesson – Never lose sight of what you want, it is closer than you think

And now here we are, a whole 365 days. It has been such a weird year, not bad weird or good weird. It’s just been different. The main thing is that I’ve learned so much from just the bits that I shared with you all. Writing hasn’t always been the easiest thing, as I didn’t always know just what to say. Writing this blog always made me want to produce my best content. So while I have no actual resolution this year, I hope that I can write more here.

Stay Flawless





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