In My Head

I wish there was a better set of reasons that I had for as to why I’ve been gone for an entire month but honestly, it’s just been life. I’ve been balancing school, softball and the end of semester woes in the past couple of weeks and it’s been hard. While that still doesn’t mean much, I guess the only thing left to do is to announce the obvious: I’m back.

Back when I started this blog in February, I had so many ideas for posts and with the tragedy that happened to my phone, I lost the idea list. But something on that list stayed in my mind. May is the spring month, when the rain finally settles down, the flowers start to bloom. The sun makes its appearance earlier and earlier and the earth finally isn’t as moody as its been since December.

May is also National Mental Health Month.

This month is super important to me and holds a special place in my mind and my heart. Mental health awareness is such an important part of today’s society and such an important part of growing up. With all that being said, throughout the month, there will be different posts about overcoming all of the different curve balls that life can throw.


Stay Flawless, Babes



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