It’s a Little Big World

It’s nice outside, seasonably so. So I decided that it was time to throw on a t-shirt dress and adventure. And by adventure, I totally just mean going into my college town to Starbucks, get my usual, sit in my lovely, lonely corner and type to my lovely readers. So essentially, you. I made my beautiful afternoon about you. Because what better way to spend it, right?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this past week, mostly because I haven’t been sleeping. I’ve been mostly thinking about sonder and enouement .Sonder is the concept that everyone around you is leading a life just as crazy and complex as your own. This concept really makes me open my eyes toward the world around me. I’m the kind of girl that would love to know how everyone felt and what everyone thought, just so it makes my life easier in how to act around them. As unrealistic as it is, it’s something I’ve wanted for so long. Enouement is ultimately being happy with the arrival to your future but feeling down because you can’t share the accomplishment with your past self. Though I don’t particularly feel that way right now, I would love nothing more than for future me to be able to share with me what my future is like. To know if I need to do things better, make changes now so we don’t have to struggle later. I’d love for a sign of guidance rather than trying to feel things out for trial and error. This age – 18,19,20,21 – is such a weird one. We are too young to have everything figured out but we feel too old not to have an exact plan.

After sharing this with you all, I shall try to leave you with this life lesson:

Remember that you are not alone and remember that you are a piece of work in progress.

I am literally always calling you works in progress, because that’s a fact. We are no where near finished being who we were meant to be. But remembering that you aren’t alone is just as important. See, when you think you are alone in this world and only you are experiencing what you are going through, you will literally just bring yourself down. However, by remembering that everyone has a life that is just as complex as your own – no matter how complex it may seem – someone out there is experiencing or has experienced it, too. And I don’t say this to make anyone feel less significant or less special, because you are unique and there is only one you. But, you need to know that there is someone out there who can at least relate to you. Because the world is scary and big and sometimes overwhelming but knowing that fact can make all the difference.

That’s all for now. I found myself having a very interesting and chill week and I hope you all are having one, too.


Until Next Time: Be Good, Be Safe, Drink Water and Stay Flawless.



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