But, It Hurts So Good

It’s been awhile since I sat on my laptop and wrote. I can’t really say it’s anyone’s fault but my own but I’ve been literally having my mind racing for awhile. I’ve found from my tiny hiatus that not writing wasn’t helpful, if anything more stressful. So as much as this blog may be for you guys, it’s for me too. My mental works so much better when I can use all parts of my brain rather than focusing on one aspect of life.

I’m sore. Everywhere. My shoulders, my back, my legs. I haven’t been this sore in a long time. And I missed it. Funny, right? Being able to endure and even push past your supposed limits. I’ve recently decided that my athletic career shouldn’t end on a sour note, so I’ve traded in my spandex for some pants and my bare arms for a glove and a bat. I’ve decided to play softball. It is completely and totally out of my element and for that, I am falling in love. I am falling in love with being so new at something. I’m falling in love with being so clueless and so fresh. I’m falling in love with the acceptance with having to challenge myself to be great. I’m falling in love with not knowing the answer to everything and just being Keanna. So, I may be sore but, it hurts so good.

I always try to leave you guys with something at the end of these. So here it is – it is okay not to be perfectly polished. I don’t care if you’re a sophomore in high school or you’re middle aged with a family. It is okay to be not have it all together. It’s okay not to be the best at something and it’s fine to challenge yourself to be great. You are always in the process of becoming the best you possible. And that is the best accomplishment that you could ever have. Everyone that ever was has stood where you are standing, wondering if they had it in them to be great. It is in these moments that you choose a path, either to stay stagnant and fall into line with being just another somebody or challenging yourself and persevering and becoming something you can be proud of.

I hope you guys are having a great hump day and making moves towards a strong end of the week.


Until Next Time: Be Good, Be Safe, Drink Water and Stay Flawless



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