What A Time To Be Alive

So if you know me, you know that my phone stays in my hand every waking moment. And over the past couple of days, I’ve been at a complete loss for words after the super bowl. Somewhere between amazement and disgust. Like it takes alot for me to be surprised and I’m literally astounded at everything I’ve been seeing on social media since Sunday.

Now that I’ve collected my two cents, I’ll hand it to you and let you guys decide.

Formation. Beyonce released her new single I believe Friday. I will be honest, I haven’t listened to it. I’m not the kind of person to immediately listen to a song, just not me. But I’ve read the snippets about her song lyrics. And I can honestly take away that she has a good message. In a time where African Americans, especially African American women are literally being taken for all of their unique and beautiful features and culture, Beyonce sheds light to things like her baby’s baby hair and her husband’s large nose. BEAUTIFUL! The thing that I’m not understanding is why people, especially those of color – the same people that she is LOVING ON in this iconic song – are so angry. She has been wearing her hair the same way for literal years, with few exceptions. She made the video with darker skin females because society doesn’t show them the love they deserve. I’m having trouble finding the problems that everyone is making a huge deal about.

The Super Bowl Performance and the Portrayal of Cam Newton. Excuse me while I point out two obvious facts that are being subsequently overlooked. 1) February is Black History Month and 2) The Super Bowl is in February. Now, I get the uproar that Beyonce used her performance to bring light to several major historical moments, whether it be the tribute to Michael Jackson with her outfit, the outfits of her outstanding backup dancers as recognition to the Black Panthers and their 50th anniversary and the ‘X’ formation to pay homage to Malcolm X. This performance was extraordinary. Some may say that it was racially charged and they are 1000% correct. But Beyonce used her platform to celebrate her history, our history, during Black History Month. Where else could she have done that and gotten across to millions? As far as Cam Newton, he is without a doubt a very humble player and person. After the game, he smiled to the cameras congratulated the Broncos and Manning. But when he walked out of a press conference when he was being ridiculed and called rude, inconsiderate etc. Let’s throw this back to when Manning lost the Super Bowl a few years back and he literally walked off the field. NO ONE SAID A THING! But you know, you decide.

Finally, Google. Google is very well known for having fun interactive title pages that are related to history and the holidays celebrate worldwide. With that being said, yesterday on the home page, the Google homepage featured a set of the most adorable animated monkeys with a yellow and red background. For anyone who knows about cultures other than their own, they would know that the Chinese are celebrating their Lunar New Year and it is the Year of the Monkey. How people found Google’s homepage to be racially charged and offensive because it’s Black History Month needs to be understanding to the fact that Google is able to observe more than one group of people while still being respectful to others. Please stop reaching for things that aren’t there.

I hate getting into things like this because of the tons of controversy it can come with, but everyone is entitled to a respectful opinion and here is mine.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re having a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again.


Until Next Time: Be Good, Be Safe, Drink Water and Stay Flawless



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