That Time of The Year: Experiences

February has been a hard month for me since I was younger. Despite the fact that everyone is hopped up on a love high from Valentine’s Day, it’s been different for me after 2008. So like the middle-ish of sixth grade. That’s when my grandmother passed away. I’m not saying it for sympathy or anything cause that’s how things go, I guess. It hit my dad really hard and since then, February has been something I try to rush. I’ve found little ways to make it better through the years and now with my blog up and running, this year is definitely no exception.

Today, whilst sitting with my bestfriend at dinner, I discovered that today’s males are something so special. And not special like “Omg, I think he’s the one. He’s just so special.” No, no, no. Special like “Really, bro? Really?”

So this post leading into Valentine’s Day, I decided to share my experiences in hopes that some of my special guy friends will understand the complex girl mind.

I have had amazing Valentine’s Days since I could remember. My dad was literally my first valentine and has been my Valentine for all my 19 years of living. He has always gotten me a box of chocolate, a card and flowers. Hasn’t missed a year yet, even my freshman year in college when I was 2 hours away from home. I’m so glad that I was A) fortunate enough to have my father in my life and B) spoiled into this. I’m glad I was spoiled because it taught me what I liked. But I’m also pretty self-sufficient so if no one gets it for me, I’ll just be my own Valentine.

My next major Valentine’s Days was in high school. I wanted one of my friends to be my Valentine SO BADLY! I still remember that feeling to this day. Ohmygod. When they agreed, I was so excited. That day, I got a flower, a huge stuffed monkey named Daddy Coconuts and candy. I liked this gift because it came from someone I had so many mixed feelings for and I thought it was the sweetest gift. In return, I got them a stuffed animal as well, homemade chocolate dipped oreos (Nabisco hadn’t started making them yet and I made a bunch for a bake sale), a handwritten letter (yes, I’m that girl) and a flower. I’m pretty sure that that was my first Valentine that wasn’t my father.

My next Valentine’s Day was my Senior year with my current boyfriend. He had asked me if I wanted anything and all I wanted was a teddy bear. We had literally only been dating for 17 days when Valentine’s came around. I remember me and him going back and forth because he wanted to get me a bigger/better gift than that and me just wanting a teddy bear. He surprised me at the house with this beautiful white bear with red and white ears, nose, feet. He has a beautiful red bow and a big red velvety heart that he’s holding out. It was the most perfect thing I could ever imagine.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day was also a pretty great one. Although I didn’t get to hang out with my boyfriend and was really bummed about it, one of my friends was dedicated to making sure I had a great day. We faithfully went to Rite Aid and a local toy store and I admired the larger than life cards and a little stuffed pig that I believe is the cutest thing in existence. In the morning, they had given me both. I had been talking about how I wanted to Fifty Shades since it was announced, so after my parents came and dropped off some things I needed, we walked into our college town to watch it. I remember us running in the vacant street, snow smacking our faces just so we would be on time. After that, we went to Starbucks to get warm (it was snowing still.) When we got back to school, I was getting ready for the Valentine’s Day dance that was being held. I had a great time that whole day and only needed great company to do so.

There you have it. All my experiences to date. My dad, my friends and my guy. Valentine’s Day really isn’t a big deal and it is what you make of it. No, you don’t have to “celebrate”. This year, I predict that I’ll be sleeping. Alot. But I mean, as long as you have safe, positive fun, to each his own. I hope you guys are having a Happy Monday and making way for a great week. I’m pretty sure we’re done here for now.


Until Next Time: Be Good, Be Safe, Drink Water and Stay Flawless



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