Hey. Hi. Hello. This past year has been hands down one of the most interesting years I’ve had to date. Learning more about myself and the world around me was definitely part of the year’s agenda but I never expected to be the person I see in the mirror on this day. I thought I […]

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Just Listen

Life is hard. And it doesn’t get any easier. There are so many decisions that you have to make as life goes on. And with the ups, downs and unexpected curve balls that life has to offer, the refined clean cut definition of sanity can become so blurred. Obviously, I have taken a hiatus and […]

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In My Head

I wish there was a better set of reasons that I had for as to why I’ve been gone for an entire month but honestly, it’s just been life. I’ve been balancing school, softball and the end of semester woes in the past couple of weeks and it’s been hard. While that still doesn’t mean […]

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It’s a Little Big World

It’s nice outside, seasonably so. So I decided that it was time to throw on a t-shirt dress and adventure. And by adventure, I totally just mean going into my college town to Starbucks, get my usual, sit in my lovely, lonely corner and type to my lovely readers. So essentially, you. I made my […]

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Thank You for Us

Dear Boyfriend, You’re probably wondering why you’re here. Well, because for the first time in the ongoing three years that I’ve known you, I know how I’m celebrating the day you were born. And yes, I know you don’t make a big deal about it but to me, it’s a huge deal. You have to […]

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